french matting header
maria nucci 

French matting is an ancient technique using watercolor wash panels and ink lines around the perimter of a matted piece of art. The custom of adding decorative borders to art began long before the advent of window mats and picture framing.

Many early Eurpean artists, engravers and calligraphers worked on paper. Their works were mounted on larger sheets and bound into books or folios. They then created borders of lines and panels around their images with iron gall and carbon black inks to draw the eye inward, repeating the delicacy and contrasts
of the image.

As picture framing materials and techniques developed in the 19th century, the window mat, made of many layers of paper was created to separate the art from coming into contact with the glazing above it in the frame. The tradition of applying decorative lines and panels continued and came to be known
as french matting.

Today, the decorative art of french matting survives
because of our love of the past, our ancenstry . . . and our love of fine design. Although french matting is comfortably paired with period-style framing, some of my updated designs work beautifully in a contemporary setting.

Modern materials inspire more innovative designs!
Using watercolor, ink, tempera, marbled papers, gesso
and gold leaf, I create refreshing designs based on original techniques. Rest assured, all materials are archival
and all work is done by hand.